Unparalelled Service

Whether it's finding your unique castle stay, coordinating that perfect cruise vacation, or to request a diabetic meal in a foreign language - we're here every step of the way. Our professional, yet friendly attitude is our signature!

Honest,unbiased advice and recommendations

We tell it like it is. We will never recommend any hotel or activity just because they would give us a commission for it. We would even tell you where NOT to go and what NOT to do, so you can avoid the common tourist traps.

First Hand  experience 



We're all frequent travelers ourselves, who love to hear and share travel stories 24/7. Our founder Angela, has worked and lived in 6 cities across 3 continents and has visited 179 cities in 35 countries! Since we've actually been there, we can tell you exactly which subway lines to take from Shinjuku to Tokyo Tower or which is the nearest exit to the Paris Opera House.

licensed and registered 

Ontario Travel Laws(TICO)

Example: If you book through us and the airline goes bankrupt, you will get a refund. *If you book directly with the airline, and they go bankrupt, you will not be covered. You will only be covered if you book through travel agencies like us, who are registered with TICO.

no more hours and hours of research

Reading through convoluted websites with questionable reviews? Let US take on the stress for YOU! We do all of that with our insider knowledge, connections and industry verified reviews (which we actually pay for). So you can just relax and chat with us about your preferences, likes and dislikes. We will spend a lot of time getting to know YOU!

luxury service for

a reasonable price

We work hard to maintain hundreds of contracts in the travel industry in order to give you wholesale/bulk pricing. Often times, our customers find that even after adding our system access fees etc., they would still save by working with us. 

lower overhead costs 

more savings to you!

We do not waste money in mass marketing as most of our clients are repeat customers who were referred to us from another satisfied client and who in turn would refer us to someone else. 

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