First, Tesla revolutionizes car fuel technology, now the cruise industry is doing the same!

Fuel efficiency and its impact on our environment have long been a debate in modern transportation. In the past decade, we've seen car companies like Tesla revolutionized our automobile usage by popularizing electric cars which helps us move away from our dependency on gasoline. The biggest news in the travel industry is that the German company AIDA has partnered with one of the biggest (commercial grade) cruise line, Carnival Cruise, in a fuel-cell technology able to power large cruise ship vessels with what is considered the cleanest burning fossil-fuel. It may not be as advanced as the electric cars we have, but that is a huge step forward for the cruise industry. Popularity in cruising has been soaring rapidly in the past decade and it's expected to double in the next decade reaching 57 billion US dollars in projected revenue by 2027.  


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Last Updated October 22, 2019.

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